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Discover an exquisite selection of wines from the most prestigious regions of France. From the Loire Valley to Burgundy, via the Rhône Valley and Bordeaux, our wine list transports you through the country's most emblematic terroirs. Let yourself be seduced by the diversity and authenticity of our grape varieties, carefully chosen to awaken your taste buds with each tasting. Explore our selection and immerse yourself in an incomparable sensory journey.

In our wine list, for red wines but also whites, you will find grape varieties from the Loire Valley, champion of diversity, where all types of wines are produced: from slender dry to rich sweet wines. passing through sparkling wines, light reds and long-lasting tannics. All with a fairly high acidity, the nervousness of the grape varieties can surprise and/or seduce with their brilliance.

Burgundian grape varieties, a terroir recognized as a UNESCO heritage site which is differentiated by their different “climates”. No less than a hundred appellations in a veritable puzzle of plots whose reputation is just as important as quality. There we will find Chablis, Côte de Nuits, Côtes de Beaune, Côte Chalonnaise and even Mâconnais.

Grape varieties from the Rhône Valley, a territory split into two parts commonly called northern (North) and southern (South) following the line of the river of the same name to the Mediterranean. The further south you go, the more powerful the wine seems to become as the river approaches the warmth of the sea. These are wines recognized as safe bets.

Bordeaux grape varieties ideally located on the Gironde estuary and surrounded by water, the vineyard benefits from a temperate climate. Held by the English for 200 years, it was Napoleon III who requested that the properties be classified and prioritized, thus beginning the glory of the “Bordeaux” brand. One of the secrets of Bordeaux is its typical soil called “Graves”, soils composed of gravel and sand.

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