Wine and Gastronomy, perfect pairings

Wine and gastronomy have always gone well together.

Food and wine pairing is an ongoing and complex research. It is also subjective because it depends on individual tastes. Finding the best wine for your starter, main course or dessert involves several of our senses and requires a minimum of wine knowledge. After discovering the best combinations based on the balance of the wines, you can think about new pairings through the aromas, the type of minerality, the depth or the level of acidity of the wines. Here we give you some tips to get started. You will have understood, there is no universal rule.

Although food and wine pairings are complex and personal, the basic principles are within the reach of all novices. 9 basic rules will allow you to always obtain successful agreements. The wine should not be stronger in taste than the food. Red wines go better with red meats with a fairly strong flavor (beef, game, etc.), while white wines go better with white meats (poultry, rabbit, etc.) and fish. Wines with a certain bitterness or acidity go better with fairly fatty foods. The wine must be matched with the sauce and not with the meat. White, sparkling and rosé wines create contrasting pairings.

Red meat and wine pairing ideas

When it comes to red meat, the rule is rather simple: the leaner the meat, the lighter the wine should be. A meat rich in fat like a ribeye will pair well with a very tannic red wine like Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon while a delicate meat like lamb will pair better with a wine with fine tannins like Malbec.

Fish and wine pairing ideas

Fish comes in 4 groups: lean with flaky flesh, medium texture, meaty and strong flavor. They all go well with white wines. If you absolutely want to offer a red, choose a red wine with a low tannin content.

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